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Change default path for selecting picture import

Question asked by Heidelberg on Mar 18, 2013


Change default path for selecting picture import



     What I need to do:

     Open the dialog for importing a picture

     Open in a parent folder one of the subfolders 

     Mark the picture to be imported

     Import in a container field


     Using the import function without a path works fine except that it always open that folder as default, I worked with before. Like if I saved something before with MS Word in ~Documents/letters then filemaker will also use this path. I have tried to import in my script first a dummy picture with ~Pictures/fmPictures/dummy.jpg, delete it and have as next step the import without a path … it jumps again to ~documents/letters.


     My question:

     Where is the last used path stored in Mac OSX 10.8? Is there a way to overwrite this using filemakerscripts or applescript?

     Or is there a way to declare as a global the folder fmPictures as the default path for open dialogs?