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change field color and fill based on other fields?

Question asked by FrankBell on Jun 19, 2012
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change field color and fill based on other fields?


What’s the best way to have a field in a list format change text and fill color depending on the contents of other fields in that record? I set up a text field, global storage, and a script which goes to the list layout with “if/then” conditions to describe the contents… but that doesn’t seem to work. (I assume that's because the script only runs once, to go to the layout, so doesn’t evaluate fields in each record as the list is populated).  I also set up conditional formatting on said global field, with similar “if/then” conditions, but the fill doesn’t change either.

(Goal: a flag indicating that any of several events in a list is overdue to happen, based on expected date/time of said event compared to current date/time)

Clear as mud?