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    Change field language



      Change field language


      Using FileMaker Pro 12 on Windows 7 that have another language beside english:

      I want to change the writing language of the field when the user start entering text. I have some filelds with English content, while other fields have Hebrew content.

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          Would the same field contain text from both languages in different records or would one field always contain English and others always/only Hebrew?

          You can format different fields with different fonts so you can format some fields to use English alphabet fonts and others to use Hebrew fonts, but this assumes that a given field will always be used for the same language in every case.

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            Thanks for your answer.

            Each field has its own context, one for english only and one for hebrew only.
            When i enter each field and switch the Windows language manually, with [ALT]+[SHIFT] i can input text without any problem. I am looking for a way to automate it, so the user wont have to do it manually. 

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              I don't know if this will work for you or not but you can try it:

              Enter layout mode and specify a Hebrew font for the Hebrew fields and an English font for the English fields.

              This won't modify the input behavior of your keyboard however, so I don't know if this will work for you or not...

              If you can get someone to create a batch file for you that switches the language setting like you are doing manually. An onObjectEnter trigger could perform a script that uses Send Event to execute the batch file. I don't know if this will take place quickly enough to be practical, but you might given it a try and see how it goes...

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                Thanks for the tip. However i'm looking for more elegant solution, something like OnObjectEnter(changeLanguage)  :)