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    Change highlight color in textbox



      Change highlight color in textbox


      I know this has to be easy, but for the life of me I can't find how to change the highlight color in a textbox. I have a textbox with a yellow background and the highlight color is mauve.  Not sure why filemaker decided to use this color or, if I unknowingly changed it, but it's not what I want.  I'm using FileMaker Pro10.  Thanks for any help.

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             Highlight colors (the background color that appears when you select some text in a field, for example) are controlled via Operating system settings. Check those systems settings via the relevant control panel and change them there if you want.
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               Hmmmm, I'm using Windows XP and I have the "select" color set to dark blue.  I have another textbox (ops - in filemaker it's called an "editbox". I'm use to access.) on another tab that has a highlight color of light brown and another editbox that has a highlight color of black.  Why the inconsistency in color?  Shouldn't they all be the same color?  I think I'm missing something here.  Sorry for my ignorance.
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              What action are you using to "highlight" the object?


              You can use conditional formatting in filemaker to change the "fill color" of a field. This may look like a highlight, but is actually something else and is part of the properties set for a given field in layout mode. In older databases, this was sometimes done by putting a container field behind a field to "highlight" it.


              Can you select just a few letters of text and get just those letters highlighted in color or is the entire field or group of fields showing this "highlight" color?

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                   The entire field is highlighted.
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                  It seems if I click in the editbox in browse mode, the entire field becomes the highlighted color.  If I double-click in the field, the pointer becomes an "I" and I can then select text.  In both instances, the highlight color stays the same.

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                    This is most likely a conditional format set on the field or there is a container field (or calculation that returns a container field) behind the field.


                    Enter layout mode, select the field and then select Format | Conditional... and see what pops up.


                    Try double clicking the field while in Layout Mode. Does the button setup dialog appear?


                    If this is FMP 10 that you're using, you might also want to check for a script trigger.


                    Try ungrouping the field and drag it to a different spot to see what lies behind. (You might want to make a back up copy of your file first so you don't have try to return your layout to it's original condition after you do this.)

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                         I can't find any conditional formating or script triggers.  I created this editbox on a tabbed control that I copied/paste from a FM theme pack, so maybe something wierd is going on with it.  I did try moving controls till I got to the body, but couldn't find any hidden object that might be causing the highlight color to be mauve.  I also moved the editbox so only the body was behind it, but the highlight remained mauve.  Well, this database is for me, so a mauve highlight color is no big deal.  I'm just starting to use FileMaker and have a lot to learn.  Thanks for your help.  I'm sure I'll be using this forum again.
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                           Could it simply be that Mauve is the opposite of yellow, and since it has the most contrast, that's why it's used as the highlight?  What happens if you change the background color of the field to, say, orange?
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                             An orange background keeps it at mauve, but a bright blue turns it to light brown.  The editbox that has a greyish blue background has a black highlight.  So it looks like you may be correct in saying that filemaker chooses the opposite color for highlighting.  I never knew the opposite to yellow was mauve.  Looks like we're stuck with filemaker's color scheme.   I'll continue to check this out, but it looks as though this case is solved.  Thanks again for your help, Phil.
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                               I think that should be "thanks for your help etripoli" :smileywink:
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                              So, I take it that this issue is still unsolved? If not, I would really like to know the solution...