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Change Import Field Mapping in 90 field count

Question asked by MargotFenner on Mar 7, 2011
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Change Import Field Mapping in 90 field count


I am trying to help a friend to import data from an Excel spreadsheet to FM 10. The person who did the origional FM design is no longer available. She has a Mac. I have a PC and no FM or FM experience. I have limited access to her system.

The problem is with the mapping of the feilds durring the import of a CSV file.  There are about 90 fields. It appears that a field was added near the top of the Excel file after the import mapping was last corrected. When I move a field it moves the replaced field down to the bottom. It is obviously tedious to move a field near the top of the list. The Excel file should not be changed.

Is there a way to do an insert instead of replace while changing the mapping when importing a CSV file? Only one person will import the data so will the mapping stick once it is corrected?

Reading posts in the Fourm I notice metions of scripting the import. There is an Import button so I assume there is a script. I have not had a chance to see if I can figure out how to view the script and what it does.