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    Change Interface to pre-version 10?



      Change Interface to pre-version 10?


      I know this sounds pretty odd. Filemaker has made a huge investment in marketing their new interface.


      While I'm sure it's real nice, it causes productivity issues for people who were used to the old interface and don't want the new one. Personally, I can adapt, it's not that big of an issue. However, I have some clients that are very set in their ways and don't even want to upgrade to version 10 if they can't keep their current interface.


      So, is there a way to change the interface back to a pre-version 10 style? Without having to rebuild it?


      I've searched the trial and have not found anything that allows me to switch it back. If there isn't an option for that, I would consider that a pretty big oversight. And if there's no way to bring it back, then I have a client that's willing to live with the printing issues of 8.5 in MacOS X than upgrade to 10 due to the interface.


      I know... very weird, but that's my reality. They are stubborn and are set in their ways. Telling them it's stupid or not in their best interests just makes them want to dig in harder, so solutions instead of comments that get me no where would be appreciated. 

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             There is no option to move the status bar back to the left as the old status area was in pre 10 versions.
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            Thank you for your post.


            The answer by "mr_vodka" is correct (Thank you!).  However, I encourage you to also enter this into our Feature Suggestion web form at:




            Although I can copy your post and paste it into the web form, there are additional questions asked that only you can answer.



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              May I add my vote to that, please?  I think everyone is conservative by nature, just to greater or lesser extents, and although I hope I'm at the more open-minded end of the scale, the new interface just screams 'change for the sake of change' at me.  I can find no obvious added-value in it; sorry.  I'm very willing to be persuaded, though, for all the same reasons as the original poster.


              If I was to have one practical argument against it, as opposed to unjustified prejudice, it would be that I found it really odd in these times that screens are all getting almost ridiculously wide, and more extreme in their aspect ratio, that FM moved something that occupies sidewards space to something that consumes the far more valuable vertical space.


              Like an earlier question about the removal of the 'Save' button in Scriptmaker (oh how my frustration has been reduced since I was let in on the secret Ctrl-S and Ctrl-W shortcuts - not even available as a menu option, never mind a menu-option prompt...) it might be useful if FM could a little more publicly release the arguments why they've implemented some of these changes.  I think we're all Sales Reps for FM in our own way and do not assume that anyone in FM is stupid - it's just that it would help to have a few pointers towards the positives that were doubtless fully discussed in many's a planning meeting.


              (And as soon as someone posts "Hide and lock the Status Bar then re-create your own" we'll know the battle is lost.)



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                Thank you for your comments.


                I do not have any reasons/arguments why the Status Bar was changed from the side to the top.  However, I encourage you to please enter your comments into our Feature Suggestions web form at: 




                Although I could easily copy your post and paste it into the web form, there are additional questions asked that only you can answer.


                I am aware that I am a direct link to FileMaker, Inc., but this web form is monitored and read by Product Management and Product Development directly, and it will get more attention than if I submitted it, because they see it comes from a customer.



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