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    Change Layout based on category selection



      Change Layout based on category selection


      I'm trying to do an asset management database per my boss's specifications, one that doesn't really align well with the template, so I'm trying to create my own.  I want to, when I choose a specific category, have fields appear that show checkboxes and other fields.  For example, when the category is laptop, I want fields to enter the laptop's memory, as well as whether the laptop has an attached bag, charger, or cover.  Alternatively, if I select the category Phone, I want to know if the phone comes with a headset, case, car charger, etc.  Can anyone help me?  complete novice to filemaker.

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          You can set up a field with a drop down list or pop up menu listing your options. Then a script can be created and set to be performed when you modify (pop up menu) or save ( drop down list ) that object.

          IF [table::layoutField = "Phone"]
              Go To Layout [Phone]
          Else IF [table::Layoutfield = "laptop"]
               Go To Layout [Laptop]

          and so forth.

          If the values in your list are the actual layout names, you can even use a single line script that uses go to layout with the by calculation option, and this layout field to tell filemaker what layout to go to.

          Note that there are also options where a single layout and pair of tables can be configured to collect the information for all your devices. A portal would list your accessory items much like an invoice uses a portal to list individual items that make up a given purchase transaction.