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    Change layout based upon field choice



      Change layout based upon field choice


      Hello. What I'd like to do is change to a different layout based upon a field choice. (Pulldown option A, automatic re-direct to different layout, etc.).  It looks like this is not possible with Filemaker.


      Is this possible?

      If not, I'm trying to come up with an alternative solution and could use some design advice. Maybe I'm not seeing it.


      What we have is if a customer has a selection of for example, peanut butter or jelly, if they select peanut butter, they don't need to see 'smooth' or 'creamy'. It would be good to eliminate or add options based upon previously selected/entered fields.





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          You can easily do this with FMP 10. If you use an earlier version of FMP, you can do something very similar to what you describe.


          If you have FMP 10:

          Define a drop down or pop-up menu that lists your layouts from a global text field.

          Define a script.


          Go to Layout [table :: gTextField] //Layout name by calculation option


          Return to the layout and define a script trigger to perfom this script when the field is exited (drop down lists) or changed (Pop-up menus).


          Note:  If you don't put the actualy layout names in your drop down then you have to write a more sophisticated script in order to do this but it still can be done.