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    Change multiple statuses for records



      Change multiple statuses for records


      I have a program which is aligned with project management in media based on FMP11 and I'm trying to find a way of changing the status of say 10 records at once from "Invoiced" to "Closed" (or whatever the statuses might be).

      I'm looking for a "Select All" type of function, then something to change the statuses without having to go into each individual record.

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          If you can pull up those 10 records into a found set of just those 10, you can use Replace Field Contents (NOT find/replace) to update the status field of every record in your found set.

          Read up on this option in help and save a back up copy of your file before trying it out. (You can change the value in 1000's of records and the change can't be undone.)