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    Change Password in IWP



      Change Password in IWP



           We make a fileMaker databse with FM pro 11 advanced.

           This DB is hosted by fileMkaer server and we have many users acceding this DB.

           I want to give permission for users to change their own password every time he wants.

           How can we do to allow users changing password in IWP ??


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               Use global fields and scripts set to run with full access permission to update their account settings. THe user enters the new password into a global field and then the script uses steps found in the Account category to update their password.

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                 Hi Phil;

                 Each time I asked some thing you are the first one that answer me. I want to thank you and thank all members of the forum.

                 Please , some times I can't understood your posts . Can you please detail your answer . Thank you

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                   And if an answer can't be understood, feel free to ask questions as you have done here.

                   Note: I haven't tried this in IWP. It works with regular filemaker and I do not know of any reason why it won't work with IWP, but test carefully to be sure.

                   Define a text field. Best option is likely to be a text field with global storage. We'll call it Table::gNewPassword1; Add some more global text fields: Table::gNewPassword2 and gOldPassword.

                   This script should allow the user to change their password:

                   Create a layout with all three of these new fields on it and a button to perform the following script:

                   Set Field [Table::gMessage ; "" ]
                   If [Not Isempty ( Table::gNewPassword1 ) And Table::gNewPassword1 = Table::gNewPassword2 ]
                        Set Error Capture [on]
                        Change Password [Old Password: Table::gOldpassword ; New Password: Table::gNewPassword1; no dialog ]
                        If [ Get ( LastError ) // an error occurred probably incorrect old password entered ]
                          Set Field [ Table::gMessage ; "Error changing password. Your password has not been changed"]
                           Set Field [ Table::gMessage ; "Password has been changed. Please make a note of your new password and use it the next time that you log in."]
                        End If
                        Set Field [ Table::gMessage ; "Error entering new password."]
                   End IF

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                     Hi Phil ;

                     Ypur script work perfectly .

                     But I have a multi User of this DB ; and if one of them want to chan ge his password , he can see every passwords record in the table.

                     how can I delete record from fields every time I change password , what I want to say that how to cleran fields after password changes??


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                       The passwords should not be entered into any table and thus not available for any user to see.

                       Use global fields for password 1 and password 2. The values in these fields will not be retained when the user exits the database.