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Change record on sending email

Question asked by MartijnvR on Jun 8, 2011
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Change record on sending email


Hi there,

I made a small system to send emails 2 weeks before a date is due. So there is a calc field like this: Date = Get(CurrentDate) +14. After this there is a script that opens with a search function for those calc fields with the value 1 (date is due in 14 days) and send email including info about the record.

But here is the thing; Lets say a date is due in 2 weeks, but I dont have the time to open Filemaker today and run the script, tomorrow the value will be 0 again because its 13 days untill the date is due. How can I adjust the calc function so that it will stay in 1 untill the email has been sent? Or when that is not possible just stay on 1 untill it reaches the date.


Thanks in advance.