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    Change script to work with Reminders in Mountain Lion


      Change script to work with Reminders in Mountain Lion


           Im not very good at writing or modifying script. I had this script that worked to add a reminder from my FMP12 file and send it to tasks in iCal. After I updated to moutain lion the script stopped working because Reminders is a seperate app now. Does anyone know how to modify the following script to send to Reminders instead of iCal tasks?


           Via Jonathan Stark:
           -- grab the data from Filemaker
           tell application "FileMaker Pro Advanced"
           tell current record
           set theCalendar to cellValue of cell "Calendar"
           set thePerson to cellValue of cell "Person"
           set theDescription to cellValue of cell "Description"
           set theCallDate to cellValue of cell "Call Date"
           end tell
           end tell
           -- convert text to dates
           set theCallDate to date theCallDate
           -- create the ToDo in iCal
           tell application "iCal"
           -- make new calendar if need be
           set allCalendars to the title of every calendar
           if allCalendars contains theCalendar then
           set theCalendarNumber to (first calendar whose title is theCalendar)
           set theCalendarNumber to (make calendar at end of calendars with properties {title:theCalendar})
           end if
           -- set the ToDo properties
           tell calendar theCalendar
           -- make ToDo
           set theToDo to make todo at end
           -- set the ToDo properties
           tell theToDo
           set the priority to medium priority
           set the summary to "Please call " & thePerson
           set the description to theDescription
           set the due date to theCallDate
           -- send email alarm the day before to the logged in user
           make new mail alarm at end with properties {trigger interval:-1440}
           end tell
           -- get the unique identifier of the new ToDo
           set theUID to the uid of theToDo
           show theToDo
           end tell
           end tell
           -- send the ToDo UID to Filemaker, if the field is on the current layout
           tell application "FileMaker Pro Advanced"
           tell current record
           set the cellValue of cell "iCal UID" to theUID
           end try
           end tell
           end tell