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Change Sort Order By Selecting a Tab Panel

Question asked by jkostenbader on Feb 18, 2014
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Change Sort Order By Selecting a Tab Panel


     Let me preface this with, I'm relatively new to Filemaker and desperately trying to make the change from Access. 

     I'm trying to create what amounts to a dashboard of charts. The idea is to look at my projects table and show graphical feedback on what project categories are present, what projects are in what status and other business level feedback. True to a dashboard I'd like to create this on a single layout. Although I'm new to creating charts in Filemaker it appears that the chart relies on the found set sort order. For instance if I wanted to see a pie chart of the percentage of each project category, It needs to be sorted by Category. Since each layout can only have one sort order at a time I thought perhaps I could put a chart on a tab control and change the sort by moving from tab to tab. Apparently this is not as easy as it seems. I tried creating a hidden button behind each tab with no style at all and thought that may do the trick but  it does not work as anticipated.

     I guess I'd be interested in any advice with creating graphs that need multiple sort orders on a single layout or with my second premise of changing the sort order by moving from one tab panel to the next. 

     Thanks in advance