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    Change Text Box through Radio Butto Set



      Change Text Box through Radio Butto Set




      I am trying to create a little layout that allows me to select one of four options in a radio button set and depending on the value that is selected a certain text box would appear. Something like this:



      o-Meetings o-Calls o-Counselling o-Others


      |       text box                   |



      This text box would change in accordance to what value I choose, so I can see all of my notes for a certain contact without having to create a completely new layout just for this function or creating multiple text boxes



      I don't have much experience with FMP and I know very basic about programming and setting up a database. I'm using FMP 10 on OSX Snow Leopard. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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          I think the best way to set this up would be with a "filtered portal"--That's a term you can research here for other examples/discussions on how to do this.


          Define a "Notes" table with the following fields:

          ID (number field)

          Note (text)

          Type (text)


          Let's call your layout's table "Main" and set up a relationship between your two tables like this:

          Main::ID = Notes::ID AND

          Main::NoteType = Notes::Type  


          Main::ID would be defined as an auto-entered serial number (Double-click the field's definition in Manage | Database | Fields)

          Main::NoteType is your radio button field.


          Double click the line linking your two Table Occurrence boxes and select "Allow creation of records via this relationship" for the Notes table.


          Now you can display your notes in a portal located beneath your radio button field. The radio button field acts as a filter showing only those records of the type you select and only for the current record. You can set up the portal with a scroll bar to display multiple notes in a category or just one such note. If you make it possible to see multiple notes, you'll even be able to shift-click your radio buttons to select more than one type and see all the notes from all the selected types.

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               Thank you so much for your help. I will try it out and do a bit of research on what you adviced me. Thanks!