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Change text color only for new text

Question asked by LeoB on May 13, 2010
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Change text color only for new text


After searching posts on this forum and FM Help, I can't come up with a way to do what I would like to do -- perhaps one of the wizards here can help.


I have large text fields used to document details and follow-up for technical inspection records.  Each record, once modified by a technician, automatically puts it back in a queue for review/approval by a manager.  The manager then reviews the record, makes any additions or changes needed, and then approves the record.  The different colored text would show what has been added and would save the manager time by not re-reading text that may have already been approved.  When a technician goes into a record he or she can see if it has been approved or is awaiting approval.  The record tracks who changed the record and who approved it and when.


What I would like to have is a way that new text added in these two fields would be in a different color (blue) and when the manager approves the record (via a script) the text color changes to black.   But, I want the approved text to stay black and only new text be in blue -- which is the problem.  I would really like the details/follow-up to show as one continuous field so that user can scroll down from the top and see everything that has been written and done without having to use a portal and clicking through numerous update records (which I could do, but don't like).


After spending an hour in conditional formatting, I can't find anything that would help.  When any of the conditions are met, it changes all the text in the field to the color specified.


Is this even possible?  Or am I wasting my time trying to do this?