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Changed Font Handling between FMP 6 and 11

Question asked by TimWood on Sep 10, 2010
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Changed Font Handling between FMP 6 and 11


A client has asked me to convert a FileMaker Pro 6 solution I  developed for them beginning in 1994 to FileMaker 11. They've purchased  FileMaker Pro Advanced 11.

Something about how fonts are handled in FMP 11 causes everything to shift down. Because their reports have to be very tightly spaced (so says he who pays the bills), that downward shift means that on all of their reports the text submarines under the next row down in the report. And the reports are  literally positioned to the pixel so there's no way to resize the rows (without destroying the look he wants).

So I've been editing fonts (the original and a variant ... all true type) trying to come up with a modified version of the font that will work in this circumstance. The font engine is ignoring the baseline specified in the font and seems to be doing some other unusual stuff. The end result is I can't seem to modify the font in a way where it works in FileMaker _and_ works in both PDF and Print. Most of the time in PDF, I end up with something that only works when I zoom in to at least 150%. Not terribly practical on landscape reports sent to his customers.

Does any one have or know how to get detailed technical information about how  FileMaker Pro 11 handles fonts and/or possible ways to handle this situation?