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Changes to field values....

Question asked by Mitch on Aug 6, 2011
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Changes to field values....


Hi ALl,

I have a database that deals with Orders, Products and Product Options.  

There are two layouts and several tables, the first layout is where I add my Product Details (Products Table).  It has a portal (Prodcut Options Table) where I can add all the options for each Product.

The second layout is for Customer Orders (Customer Orders Table), where the records of each custmers is added.  This layout also has a portal (Customer Products).  Inside the portal is a drop down field where I can select the Product being ordered. The drop down list draws its values from a value list linked to the Products Table.  Also inside this portal is a Repetition Field, that allows me to add up to 10 Options for each Customer Product ordered. This is also a drop down field that draws its values from a value list linked to the (Product Options Table).  The value based on what Customer Product is selected.

This all works fine, until someone goes into the Product Details Layout (Products Table) and changes a value.  

For example:

If the name of a Product is changed in the Products Table, when they try and add a new option into the repetition field of an exisiting records, all Product Options added prior to the anme change will not appear in teh drop down value list, whereas all value entrered after the name change will.

The only way around this at the moment is to delete the Customer Order (Portal Records) and start again.

Is there any reason for this, or any fix...?