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Changes to Global Container - FileMaker Pro "Invoice" template

Question asked by miw on Sep 24, 2010
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Changes to Global Container - FileMaker Pro "Invoice" template


I was looking at the "Invoice" template that comes with FileMakerPro.  In the "Record List" layout, it allows one to sort the list by different fields.  When you do, a field called "HiLiteFieldName" changes on the layout showing if the sort is going up or down.  I see that a "g_HiliteLibrary" container field is somehow linked to the "HiLiteFieldName" fields by looking at the calculation in the "HiLiteFieldName" which is:
Case ( g_SortBy = "genre1" ; g_HiliteLibrary[1]; g_SortBy = "genre2" ; g_HiliteLibrary[2] ;g_HiliteLibrary[3]) .  Two questions:  1:  How do I get the three different icon pictures in the "G_HiLiteLibrary" field and what does the "3" mean in that global field's repetition? 2:  how do I interpret the calculation in "HiLiteFieldName"?

The reason I ask, is that I want to create something similar for another layout using different icons in a global field that will change when you press a button on the layout.