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    Changing a currency from $ to £



      Changing a currency from $ to £



      I have just downloaded a trial of FileMarker and wanted to crete the first invoice but the price is pre set to $ while I sale my goods in £. Could someone run step by step with me who to change it. I am using the latest version on MacBook. 

      Thank you in advance for you help


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          On the layout where you see this field, enter layout mode.

          Select the field by clicking it.

          On bottom of the data tab of the inspector is a section for Data formatting. This field is formatted as currency and one of the options available here will enable you to change the $ to £.

          Once you've made the change, save your change and return to browse mode. You'll need to make the same change on every layout where you find $ as the currency symbol.

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                 Phil, is there a way to setup an invoice layout where you can choose a currency to use. So instead of going to the fields individually and changing them in inspector, having a drop down list to select a currency symbol to apply to that entire layout in the fields that require a currency symbol?