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Changing a field on a report based on user input

Question asked by ToddBest on Sep 25, 2014
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Changing a field on a report based on user input


I have a database that has 10 different pricing levels (a-j) and need to be able to print a price-list out for customers based on their own pricing level. Instead of creating 10 separate reports for each level, I have created an input box where they put the pricing level they want and that goes into a calculated text field (Report Pricing Level) that overrides the existing value with this formula that goes into a table that used for the report information:
If ( IsEmpty ( Self ) ; "Sell" ; Self ) where Sell if the default List Price
I am having trouble on the report on getting the name from Report Pricing Level in the table Report Information and then getting the appropriate value from the Pricing Level (A-J) from table Products to print on the report.