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Changing a field on several layouts at once.

Question asked by ElvieFrey on Jul 9, 2013
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Changing a field on several layouts at once.


     I aplogize in advance for the lenght but I think it's needed to decribe the situation. I am making a communication database for our company.  The picture below is a sample of one "Hall."  There is a similar layout  for each work-area or "Hall".  The layouts all have the "Date", "Entered By", "Subject", "Hall" and "Notes," but names are different on each layout since different people work different halls.   There is a basic "Main Menu" with buttons with the name of a hall assigned to each button.  A script is attached to the buttons to go to the related layout, then "find" & "sort " records for the work-area(Hall) that was selected so only related records show up for the workers.  The file will accessed via Filemaker Go on iPhone, Filemaker Go on iPad, and instant web publishing.  Since it is accessed many different ways each layout is essentially duplicated 3 times in the database in different formats.  This is done so that it sizes correctly when opened on a device.  Imagine opening a layout designed for a computer on your iPhone, way out of proportion etc. 

     The checkboxes are there to show that someone has read a communication.  Once I read a communication I check the box next to my name showing that I have read it.  The problem comes that if I leave(quit/ get fired) my name must manually be changed on every layout. This is 3 layouts automatically for the different iPad, Iphone, and iwp layouts and could be more if I work in multiple areas. 

     I need to streamline this so that whoever manages the database after I create it can change the name in one place and the name and label changes on every layout it is displayed on?  If something is not clear please ask, and if you think the way it set up it totally stupid I would be open to advice.