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Changing a file's name, changes it to an older version (lost data)

Question asked by dsmith99 on Mar 19, 2010
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Changing a file's name, changes it to an older version (lost data)


We have Mac OS X and Filemaker Pro 10 and we are using Timemachine.

Occasionally, I will back up files to another part of the HD under a different file name/folder structure.


So Lets say I have a database file called Contacts.fp7 within the Folder called Database Leads. I will resave the Contacts.fp7 to another part of the HD in a folder called Backups and rename it Contacts3-18-10.fp7


I restarted my computer today and when I opened Contacts.fp7, I had lost 3 days of work, it just wasn’t there. No problem because I had saved a copy before I left to go home the day before.


I open the database from the day before and notice it is correct and up to date. I close it. I open the folder that holds the standard copy of Contacts.fp7 in folder Database Leads and I change the name to Contacts Old.fp7 by using the Get Info command.


Then I open 2 Finder windows and I drag the file named Contacts3-18-10 from the Backups Folder into the Folder called Database Leads.  I change the name to Contacts.fp7 to match what the file is really called so all relationships with other database files will work. I close both Finder windows.


I open the new Contacts.fp7 file and notice it now has lost 3 days of work. But I just looked at moments ago when  it was the Contacts3-18-10.fp7


No problem, I will open Timemachine and go back to after I went home last night and bring down that copy. When I bring it into my Database Leads folder and open it, it too, has lost 3 days of work.


I am not a drug user, and I have never seen a UFO, any thoughts?


PS: I solved this problem by doing an import of the 3 days work from a backup into what was the new file (minus 3 days of work), so it was up to date.


PS: I have been told it is wise to occasionally resave a file as a compacted file. When I do this, I add “compacted ‘date’ “ to the file name, then move the original to the trash and re-name the compacted version. Is this the correct procedure? Is this really the start of my problems from above? I do this often.