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    Changing a logo and background banner



      Changing a logo and background banner


      I had a custom database built and I was hoping someone could help me.

      I need to change the company logo and banner color, which is at the top of each page of my database screen and is printed on the top of each report.  

      Right now, if I go to the main menu and I go to layout mode, it says the following:

      Under the logo tab:

      logo (display) g_logo_r

      background banner: G_logoBackground 

      logo (for print) g_logo_r[2]

      Does anyone know how I can change this?

      thanks so much!


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          Most likely you click on the field to trigger the insert script. You can send it over for me to look at if you like.

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            In browse mode, can you go to the logo tab and edit the data in these fields?

            If they show a graphic, your only option may be to replace the graphic with a new graphic and you can do this by clicking the field to put the cursor in it and then selecting Insert Picture from the Insert menu.

            These are almost certainly global fields, so editing them once should result in the changes appearing throughout your database.

            If you can't modify the contents of these fields while in browse mode, click them while in layout mode and make sure that the field entry behavior is set to allow entry while in browse mode. (You can see that section of the inspector in the screen shot that you uploaded.)

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              No, I just copied the file so I could play around with it. I can delete what's in the logo field but can't add anything back.  

              There is also the company name on every page and every report and I can't figure out where that is linking from or how to change it.  

              In the inspector, field entry is checked under Browse Mode and Find Mode

              I just realized I inly have Filemaker Pro, I dont need advanced to do this do I?

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                You don't need advanced.

                We can't see from here what is in each field. Are these pictures? If so, you can either paste images from the clip board into this field or you can click into it and use Insert Picture to insert the picture from a file.