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    Changing all Request for Quote to 2014



      Changing all Request for Quote to 2014


           Hello everyone,

           My name is Jon and I'm completely new to the Filemaker program.  I know enough about this program to be dangerous and have been using it for about 6 months now and know the basics.

           My problem I am having is I am the new IT guy for the company and the previous IT guy left without showing anyone how he created these request for quotes.

           What he did was, we have request for quotes automatically genterated when we make a new quote.  Now this generates a RFQ # that starts with "13" for year 2013.  Every year he used to change that starting number to what year is currently was.  I need this number to now obviously be "14" but do not know how to change it to all the new RFQ's.  


           We are using Filemaker pro V9, our Filemaker is shared on a server to all of our computers.

           Here is a screen shot of our RFQ to help anyone. (the number circled is what we need changed)


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               Hopefully, the previous guy left you with a fill access password or you may have more serious problems than a field that needs updating.

               There's more than one way to do what he did so you'll first have to figure out his design for this part of the system.

               Enter layout mode

               Check the name that appears in the field that you circled. If you can't see it clearly or it starts with ::, click it to select it and check the full text that now appears in Display Data From on the Inspector's data tab.

               Now Go to manage | Database | fields and find that field. Best guess is that it is either an auto-entered calculation or a calculation field. If so, you'll need to examine that calculation expression to see what your previous IT guy set up. I'm guessing that the calculation references a different field that supplies the value for the year. Once you know the name of that field and in what table it is defined, you can try to update the value in that field.

               But if the first Quote of 2014 is supposed to be numbered 14-0001, you have additional troubles and let's hope that this field was not used as a match field in relationships.

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                 Thank you for the fast response Phil,

                 Here is where I'm at with the situation following your steps. 

                 Now like I said before I know enough to navigate around but haven't made scripts or edited the databases.

                 Also, the quote number does need to be at 14-0001 starting with the new year.

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                   On a side note,

                   I did a little bit of poking around and found this, would I be able to change this highlighted number to 14-0001 and be set?

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                     You are in luck. You just need to change that value once a year. This is something that could even be automated with a script.

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                       Thank you very much, this worked and we are good to go.