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    Changing billing rate



      Changing billing rate



           I use a FM database to keep track of billing.

           There is a rate field - the rate I charge each client per hour. This rate is multiplied by hours to come up with the bill total.

           I didn't think of this when I built the DB a few years back - I now want to raise the rate for some clients.

           If I change the hourly rate for a client, all past paid invoices change to reflect the new rate.

           I have no idea how to approach this problem. 


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               All invoicing systems have to deal with the same issue. If you change the price of an item in your products table, that price change can't be allowed to change the price charged on an invoice created before the price change.

               This is handled by copying the current rate into each new line item record as it is created. This copied unit price is then multiplied against the quantity field to compute the cost for that line item.

               You can specify an hourly rate in your client table, but use a looked up value auto-enter setting in field options to copy that rate into the table where you log the hours worked for that client. If you later decide to change the rate for that client, the rate in existing records logging your time for them will not change.