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Changing Client Name Changes Connected Data?

Question asked by kopiikat on Oct 7, 2009
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Changing Client Name Changes Connected Data?


I am new to databases, and just posted the other day, but I'm back with another question.  This one is more specific and, hopefully, less of a pain to answer.  I am trying to manage a database of clients for a non-profit.  It's going well, and I think I'm getting the hang of the basics.  I've run into a problem, though:


I created a client, John Doe.  On his "profile," is all sorts of information about his income, how much money we're giving him, etc., which is connected to another table by a portal.  The shared fields are "FIRST" and "LAST" (names.)  I was curious what would happen if I changed his name to "John Smith."  When I did, all of his information remained the same, except for the portals, which were still somehow connected to the name "John Doe."  How could I have it so that I can change a client's name (in case of typos and the like,) and keep the related information still connected?


Thanks so much in advance.