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Changing container field path

Question asked by LanR on Feb 26, 2011
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Changing container field path


Using a Mac with Snow Leopard and FMP 11

I had to move a folder with this project and that did of course mess up the links to the photos in container fields that store the path only. From searching this forum, I think I've figured out how to fix the path names to relink the photos, but can't get it to work.

I've made a temporary calculation field to look at the path names and see what needs to be changed and to what.

If I understand correctly I need a script to change the contents of the container field, something like:

Replace Field Contents [table::container field (Substitute (table:container field;old path;newpath))]

That gives error messages when trying to make the Substitute calculation; it says it can't find the table. Which is of course the right one selected from the menu on the calculation window.

Also, as I understand this, all I need in the search string is the old folder name and in the replace string the new folder name, not the complete paths.