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    Changing currency



      Changing currency



           I have tried the expense report starter solution, and when changing currency, the form looks find (in £) but when I click so the the expense report, or I email the report, everything is in $

           Does anybody know how I change the actual report?


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               but when I click so the the expense report, or I email the report, everything is in $

               Can't quite parse that sentence, a typo perhaps?

               But many solutions use one layout for data entry and another for printing/saving as PDF. I would guess that you have another layout to find and update with your specified data formatting.

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                 Yes - Typo

                 Not too much of a problem for now, just wondered if there was something obvious.

                 If I go to 'save as PDF' all currency is in USD not GBP

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                   That really should not be the case. How did you change the layout to switch from dollars to pounds?

                   It worked for me when I set this up:

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                     It also changes currency fine for me when in that layout.  But if I go to preview/PDF/Email it takes it back to USD.


                     I changed it by 'Edit Layout: Inspector: Data formatting: Currency: Symbol' and changed to £.  

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                       Then you must be using a different layout for your PDF and it needs the same data formatting change.

                       The screen shot shown is from a PDF generated from that layout.

                       When I enter layout mode so that I can pull down the layouts menu and see all layouts, there's a layout named:

                       Expense Report List | Printable View

                       I would guess that your PDF is generated from that layout and thus you need to open that layout in layout mode and make the needed data format change to show pounds instead of dollars.

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                         You are right Phil.  The starter solution I used uses separate layouts for printing.  Thanks