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Changing database - what is easiest method?

Question asked by jmmx on Dec 3, 2010
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Changing database - what is easiest method?


I need to work on a database for a customer, but they need to keep using it. In the past I have just copied their DB, worked on it, and returned (via Dropbox). But now they need to use it daily and cannot relinquish it to me.

So…. What is the best way for me to move my updates (new tables, reports, and scripts) into their existing DB?

I see that I could empty my new DB then do an import from the original DB file. But i see some problems here. The first two being the big ones.

1- Tedious to do with more than 20 tables. I do not seem to be able to import except to the current open table. So I would need to repeat the import 20 times.

2- Container fields not copied. There are not many of these, but still it would be a hassle, especially if we have to repeat it.

3- I am not sure how the summary and calculated fields will work. I assume that they will still calculate the same way they did prior to import. Many of them are calculations on calculated fields so I do worry about this. It would be very time consuming to fix anything that broke.

It certainly would be easier if I could take the original DB and just import the new schemas, scripts, etc.

We are using FMP 10 - standard addition.

I appreciate any advice here.