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    Changing databases



      Changing databases


      Hello File Maker Guru's, need your help.

      I am using odbc as my source and am connecting to a local box, I have two tables(Exactly Identical) except different data for different companies, how can i change where a table is looking to make it point to a different table.


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          By "table" do you mean a Table Occurrence box found in tManage | Database | Relationships?

          You can open that window and double click a box to open a dialog where you can redirect the occurence to refer to a different data source table. But this is not something that you can do dynamically from a layout or script.

          It would be best to replace your two separate tables with one table that stores info for both companies. A company ID field in such a table can be used to keep the data for one company separate from another.

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            I am using sql as my source. I meant to say database not tables sorry. Basically I want to replicate the solution I am working on and just change the database name. Is that possible?