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Changing error messages

Question asked by ianmanning on Feb 4, 2010
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Changing error messages


I use calculation based limited Privileges to stop users accidentally changing fields after they have been created. The calculation looks at a boolean lock field that can be changed by the user if they need to make changes.


The users (not Administrators) do not have the privileges or the ability to unlock some fields.


My problem is that they get the same error message if they try to change either type of field. (fields they can't change and fields they may be able to change)


For example:

They cannot ever change the customers unique reference number, if they try, they get the error message that they do not have the privileges..

They can change the customers email address if the record is "unlocked" when the record is processed the lock field is automatically set so that accidental changes cannot be made. However if they mis-spelt the email address they can unlock the record, change the address, resend the email and the process will automatically lock the record afterwards. If the record is locked and they try and change it they will get the same error message that they do not have the privileges..


I would like to be able to change the error message if it is a field they could unlock to tell them that the record is locked not that they don't have the privileges.


Can this be done?


I hope my ramblings aren't too confusing.

Best regards