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changing field color

Question asked by on Aug 7, 2012
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changing field color


Hi everyone, 

I'm very new here to this forum and to FM.  I'm trying to make a field change colors based on 3 values calculated in other field.


It seems I can pass a global or temporary variable from one field to another. For example purposes, Here's what I'm thinking:

TextColor ( dbasename::fieldname ; RGB ( %%r; %%g; %%b) ) 


what I'd like to do is change the background color of that field instead of the text.  Using transparancy and putting different color boxes is not an option as there may be thousands of different RGB combinations.


conditional formatting i can't see working because the color cannot be pre-defined.

any thoughts anyone?

again, I'm very new and trying to learn this to see if it will work for our company.


thanks in advance for any help