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    Changing filename



      Changing filename


           I have a live file on FMS12.  I want to close it, download it and rename the file; then upload and open it on FMS12.  Pretty straightforward, however I'm wondering if changing the filename can lead to any issues.  Thanks

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               yes, if you have external file references or vice versa.

               No, if you are just a singe file database with no fixed file paths to folders.


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                 There are some functions that use the filename as a parameter to watch out for as well

                 (e.g.: ValueListIDs, ValueListItems, ValueListNames).

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                   Ask yourself if there is any part of your database where you use your file's file name in quotes. This text won't automatically change when you rename the file.

                   Most of the time, you can replace such quoted text with a calculation that uses the get ( FileName ) function to protect your design from issues when you rename the file.

                   ValueListItems ( Get ( FileName ) ; "CustomerNames" )

                   For example, will not break when you rename the file.

                   ValueLIstItems ( "MyFileNameHere.fmp12" ; "CustomerNames" )

                   will break when the file's name is modified.