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Changing font color in 'Send Mail'

Question asked by Atkins on May 3, 2013
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Changing font color in 'Send Mail'




     I just set up a 'Send Mail' script step in my database and it's working great.  I was hoping to customize the look of the message it sends out by putting a section of text, which includes both static text and the results from a field, into red.  I tried the TextColor function and put the RGB ( 255 ; 0 ; 0 ) settings in place.  In the 'text' area of that function I put both the static text (in quotes) and the field I want to display.

     The email that went out included all the appropriate text but I can't get any color variations to come across.  I've tried simplifying to just plain text as a test, but still no luck.  I'm curious if it's even possible to use the text formatting functions in the 'Send Mail' script??  In case you need to know, I'm using a direct out through a SMTP server, not a mail program.

     Everything works great except for text color.  If I can get color to work I may try messing with the fonts as well, but first things first.  Thanks for any insight!