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Changing Invoice Quantities with buttons

Question asked by MichaelLawrence on Sep 21, 2013
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Changing Invoice Quantities with buttons


     Hi all. I have modified the quantity field from the Table: 'Invoice Data' on a modified version of the Invoice starter solution.

     My primary layout is going to be for use with an Ipad. I have created buttons that will allow the user to plus/minus the quantity by 1 item, and also to plus/minus the quantity by .5 of an item. (Sometimes the user has an item which is closer to half an item and needs to be noted).

     The issue I'm having (which is a minor one I guess) is that whenever I'm adding plus/minus full items or half items, the 'Grand Total' field and a field I created called "Item Total" (that counts the total quantity of all the items on each invoice) won't refresh instantly. This only occurs on the line items after the first one. I can get it to refresh if I click anywhere in the top portion of the form where these fields are. (the 'Leading Grand Summary' section of the layout).

     I believe there should be some way to refresh these items with a script trigger, possibly a 'OnObjectSave' or something like that.