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    Changing Key Shortcuts



      Changing Key Shortcuts


      I have tried altering a few key bindings in Filemaker Pro Advanced 10 v3 using the Mac 10.5 Keyboard preferences. I cannot get any changes to work in Filemaker.


      This was not a problem in FM 8 or later. The Help file and everything I have read on this board indicates that this should be working.


      The one I really want to change is "Italic" (under the Format:Style menu hierarchy) to F9, but I have not been able to get anything at all to work.


      Any ideas? 

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          Thank you for your post.


          With Keyboard System Preferences, I am unable to DISPLAY the F9 key in the "Keyboard Shortcut", even after I disable the F9 entry for "All Windows".  Any other non-function keyboard shortcut appears in the "Keyboard Shortcut".  For example, if I add FileMaker Pro 10 "Italic" menu and press Control-Option-Command-A, that key combination is displayed in the "Keyboard Shortcut", and I can save that information.  Then, when I launch FileMaker Pro 10 and open a file, the entry next to Italic displays with the new keyboard shortcut.


          Has anybody had any luck trying to match a function key to a menu item?



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            Hello TSGal and thanks for the response!


            Well, after reading your post, I happened to launch Filemaker 10 Advanced on my MacBook (I had always been using my desktop up to this point) and those function key shortcuts were there just fine.


            So, I just opened Filemaker's preference plist [~/Library/Preferences/com.filemaker.filemakerpro.plist] in Property List Editor on my desktop machine, after first making a back-up copy of the original prefs file of course, and pasted the specific preference keys right in there (it displays as three values under "NSUserKeyEquivalents"):




            <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

            <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "http://www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.dtd">

            <plist version="1.0">


            <key>Bold</key>     <string></string>     

            <key>Italic</key>     <string></string>     

            <key>Small Caps</key>     <string></string>




            (Odd that it does not display the character here, and just puts that missing glyph box, but I guess the F9/F8/F6 symbols are some special Unicode value that these Microsoft fonts don't present, but which Lucida Grande does...)


            Anyway, I restarted Filemaker Pro and all is well. I still have no idea why the Function key equivalents don't work in the Keyboard System preference pane right now, but it might be an obscure glitch with 10.5.8 - I am sure I entered them in my MacBook several months ago when I installed the software on that computer.


            I don't know if this explanation will be helpful to anyone else given the hack-ish nature of the solution, but it did seem to work for me!