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    Changing Layout based on Record



      Changing Layout based on Record



      I have several different task types with different layouts. I'd like the user to be able to scroll through records in form view and have the layouts dynamically change based on the Tasks::Name_Task field. I set up a simple script (If tasks::Name_task = "Revise Content", go to layout, etc.) and tried to set up a couple of script triggers but can't seem to get the layout to switch while scrolling. I suppose I could make it list view and then as the user chooses the task, it switches but it is not preferable.



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          Until the focus changes to a new record, there's nothing to trigger your script. Scrolling the window doesn't change the focus to a new record.

          OnRecordLoad is the trigger that I'd use, but i wouldn't scroll from record to record, I'd use either the book control or my own navigation buttons that use go to record (next, previus, first, last) to move from record to record so that the OnRecordLoad Trigger will be tripped with each mouse click.

          I have a phone message taking solution that's part of our contacts manager that is set up exactly that way. A given message taken down may be entered as a "memo"--a large text field takes up most of the screen or as a "msg" where the screen is filled with check boxes and radio buttons that replicates a paper message taking form that they used to use. The OnRecordLoad trigger on both layouts automatically switches layouts to fit the message to the specified layout.