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Changing multiple windows

Question asked by tmlutas on Aug 10, 2013
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Changing multiple windows


     The situation is two windows, side by side showing two unrelated tables. I need to hit a button on one window and go to the next record in both windows. The rest of what needs to be done I can figure out on my own. 

     This functionality is needed to create a way to cycle through and connect two lists that are almost but not quite matching, in this case lists of US governments from multiple sources. One window shows the integrated database of all sources that already are matched, the second window shows a candidate list that purports to match. Every time the matches aren't 100% and there is cleanup that needs to be manually done. It's impossible to tell in advance how much cleanup is needed. The criteria of what a government is is under dispute so people adopt inconsistent definitions and aren't always consistent even within a list. For example, Lake county, Indiana has either 7 or 9 library districts depending on whether library district leasing corporations are considered separate governments. Montana school districts are sometimes broken down with primary and secondary education being in different districts and that's not handled consistently. It can be a mess.