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    changing picture, making table, networking tbas



      changing picture, making table, networking tbas


      hi i am a dentist and making a database for my patients. i need help with the  following

      1)      there is an image of a tooth, now 

               if i enter the tooth is decayed then the image should change to an image of an decayed tooth,

               if i enter that tooth has a crown it should change and show an image of an tooth with a crown,

               if a mention its missing then the tooth image should vanish.

                ..... so on and so forth


      2)   every time the patient comes i need to enter the following

             date, work done, elastics given, cooperation, next appointment, next appointment duration.

              .......i require to make a table for the above fields where we can keep entering data every time  the patient             comes in (a patient can come from 5 to 50 times)and still scroll and see the old data


      3)     when the patient comes to the reception, the receptionist should be able to send the a message to the                    particular doctors filemaker to make  a small tab with the patient's name, and when the doctor clicks on the          tab that particular tab, patient record should open up. The tabs on the doctor filemaker should appear in                the   same order as the receptionist has send them......


      For a beginner i think i am trying to get too much form filemaker but seeing how powerful the software is i think all this should be possible.

      thank you all in advance for the help.

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          A forum such as this works best as a way to get an answer to specific questions. I recommend that you tackle each of these issues one at a time and make your questions more specific by describing what part of each of these issues your are able to do so that we can see what part each process (1, 2 and 3) you are unable to do.

          Starting just with #1....

          You can set up a table with 2 fields, an image ID or name field and a container field into which you insert your tooth images. You can set up 3 records in this table. You can then add a corresponding image ID or name field to your main table and link it to this new table in a relationship. You can format this new field in your main table with a value list of either image ID's or Image names. You can then add the container field from this new table to your main table's layout. When you select a particular value (such as "crown") in the main table's image name field, the image from the corresponding table will appear in the container field on your layout.

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            thanks PhilModJunk you are a saviour.... am done with the #1 as advised will post the remaining 2 queries separately.