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Changing table fields from Date to Year only contents

Question asked by gregdc on Feb 6, 2014
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Changing table fields from Date to Year only contents


     OK an Elementary Question:  Working In FM13 table has 4 fields defined as Date type, about 1000 records.  The client now wants these 4 fields to be Year only.  Table is used in portal for data entry and 3 reports, so lots of things will change.   

     What is an easy way to change the content of these 1000 records to match the new requirement?   Is there a script that I can write that would

     1. do it in place


     2. do I need to copy the records out to a backup table, change the original table field definitions and then write a script to read through the backup table by Primary Key and rewrite the data in original table using its Primary Key?


     I have never written a script like either one of these so would really appreciate some code examples.  


     Thanks, this forum has always been a great help to me as I get started with FM.