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    Changing the "from" Email address when sending messages



      Changing the "from" Email address when sending messages


           I have my personal Gmail account. I am the Membership Chair of a national organization, and need to send Email reminders to members when it's time to renew their membership. I'd like the Emails to come from my organization address (also a Gmail account) rather than my personal address. I don't know how to make this change. I figure I need to send my message from the SMTP server, not my "E-mail client" - but I can't figure out how to make the appropriate changes.

           (I successfully found the members who's membership expired 9/1 and had not renewed; and I successfully sent each one an Email message. However, the messages "came from" my personal account, and I'd rather avoid that in the future.)

           I am using a MacBook Pro, OS 10.6.8.

           Thank you for helping!!


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               Filemaker version 12??

               You are using Mail as the default email client on your Mac or another (Outlook or Entourage)?
               You have one email account setup - your gmail account?

               You can have the organization's Gmail account setup on your computer and disable it until sending.

               Changing the "From:" address in a new message in Mail can be a very handy tool for people looking to keep e-mail accounts for separate uses.

          How to Change the Reply-To Header of an Email in Mac OS X Mail

               Have you considered an online email service?  (I use Madmimi, Mailchimp, and iContact)

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                 Yes - I'm using FileMaker Pro 12; and yes, Mail is the default Email client on my Mac. I have the one (personal) Email account when I check "preferences" in "Mail".

                 The organization is "International Organization of Lace, Inc.". All board members have "permanent" generic Email (on Gmail) addresses; the name associated with the addresses changes as the board members change. When I want to send out Emails from within FileMaker, the first choice I have is to use the "E-mail client" or "SMTP Server". I tried to use "SMTP Server", but that failed. (I obviously don't know how to manipulate the information.) The "E-mail client" works easily - and that uses my personal address. So. it sounds like I need to set up a second account within "Mail"; and then enable only that address when I'm using Filemaker?

                 Thanks for the information.