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changing the view of check box set data in a report

Question asked by KatG on Apr 6, 2012
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changing the view of check box set data in a report


I am using a check box set in a layout using values from a value list.  I want to keep track of a patient's current medications. So I have the value list as MedA, Med B, MedC, etc. and have chosen the "check box set" as the control style in the data entry form/layout. it is much easier in file maker GO to tap the check boxes than it is to have to tap the field and type into it or not be able to chosse multiple values with a field. in the Form layout, I can alter the size of the field to list the choices in a row or in a column when in the data entry form/layout. What I need to do is create the report so that it lists the checked values in a row. In the report format I have the control style for that filed as "edit box".

the view is    MedC



I need it to be linear or horizontal  "  Med A, MedB, Med C " so that the data in the report creates paragraphs and resembles a word document.

Is this possible?

Thanks for the help!