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    Changing Value List



      Changing Value List


           The Filemaker file is being accessed via IWP.

           I have a value list made of values from a specific field in records in a related table.

           When an item in the value list is selected I need it to no longer be in the list.




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               A diminishing value list can do that, but you'll need to submit your data after each new value is selected or the value list will not update to omit the selected value when doing this with IWP.

               See this thread on the topic: Diminishing Value Lists and ExecuteSQL

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                 Talking about value list. I want to share my experience in changing value list. 

                 I selected a custom value list by entering values with the intent to use it as a check box to mark active customers ans those for whom the product would be suited. The input followed line be line like this: 


                 product1 Active


                 product2 Active

                 product 3

                 product3 addition3 Active 

                 (product 3 had a extra text to it which I call addition3)

                 Now what happened was that "Active" became a searchable term when I used FIND. So I changed to the notation product1_Active. The checkbox was clean and worked now. However, I still got hits for "Active" and "addition3" alone in FIND but I could not see them in the check box. It was terrible. I finally discovered that if I look at the field which contained all possible value of the value list (as opposed to the check box representation of it) "Active" and "addition3" alone where still in there. I had to clean that field manually as many times as I had used it before. So when changing a value list in conjunction with a check box representation care must be exercised because the background stores values. Also, I avoid blanks from now on and connect worlds by "_". It does not look nice but I do not know a work around. I did not see how I can use a table because my status needs to be check box like. In Access from Windows which I used before this was easy (one of the few things which were easy) because it would allow a field to be text, number, object and (to my point) a check box with true or false. 

                 I am new to Filemaker Pro but this was a painful experience. Any thoughts?