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    Changing Years



      Changing Years


      If I have a table wsith fields that have dates in it, can I copy the table to make a new table for year 2010 and somehow change all the dates from 2009 to 2010?

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          It would help to explain in more detail what you are trying to do. Do you have date fields in your table that need to change? Do you want to duplicate just the table structure or also the data it contains?


          The big question: Why do you want a separate table instead of keeping the data for both years in the same table?

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               I am creating a schedule of payroll dates for our clients. Some clients pay weekly every Friday - that's easy. But some pay on the 7th and 22nd of the month, some the 1st and 16th. I have an elaborate table with fields that are  check dates for each client.
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              I'm afraid that doesn't really answer any of my questions.


              Do you want to duplicate just the table or also the records in it?


              I still don't see why you can't keep all the records in one table instead of creating a new table. What problem does that solve for you?

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                   Just the table. 2010 will have all new records with the 2010 dates.
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                  If you want to duplicate a table, If you have FMP advanced, you can simply open Manage | Databases | Tables. Select a table and click the Copy button. Then click the Paste button.


                  If you don't have advanced, Make two Copies of your file and use Import Records to import the table from on file into a new table in the other. (You can read up on this tool in the on line Help.) Making two copies preserves a back up just in case you mess up. Importing a table in this fashion also imports data as well and also creates a new layout for the new table. Immediately after importing, choose Records | Delete All Records to delete any imported data.


                  In either case, you may have calculation fields in your new table that are enclosed in /* */ to turn the entire calculation into a comment. You will need to edit each such calculation one at a time to fix them.


                  I don't recommend you make a new table in this way. I see no reason to do so and lots of uneeded complications for you.

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                       Thank you for your time and suggestions. Let me get more specific over the weekend and explain the situation better.