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Char Function

Question asked by drwho on Mar 3, 2010
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Char Function


Hi all,

  I am trying to convert a character from one field to a different character in another field.



   I have two fields,  Code and Answer.


Answer is a calculation type.  Here is the calculation I am trying to use.

   If(Code = "a" ; "r" ; 0)

So now if I put an   a    in the Code field, Answer should have an   r    in it.  That does work.

But if I put an   A   in the Code field, Answer still puts an   r   in the field.


So I tried this:  If(Code = Char(97) ; "r" ; 0)   same result. 


My question is, why won't filemaker distinguish between the upper and lower case    a?   By using the Char function, that should be as exact as it gets.  Am I missing something?