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    Character mapping issue in email fields



      Character mapping issue in email fields


      I'm creating a multi-platform runtime solution which contains fields for entering an email address. The solution is being created on a Mac. A problem I've encountered is that on some computers running Windows XP and Vista, when the email "at" symbol (@) is typed, a double quotation mark (") appears instead of the @ symbol. Bizarrely, if the email address is typed in, say, Word, and then pasted into the database email field it is appears correctly. This is by no means consistent, but does anyone know of a way of ensuring that the @ symbol appears correctly in every version of all operating systems? Seems such a simple thing...


      Appreciate any advice 

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          There's something odd with those computers, their fonts or their install of filemaker pro. Typing in an @ symbol should be the same for all operating systems.


          Tests you can try:


          Try opening wordpad, notepad or MS Word. Can you type in an @ symbol? (Rules out most issues with the operating system.)


          Open filemaker and create a new databse with at least one text field. Try entering a @ symbol in it. If if works, something is wrong with your original database file. It may be corrupted.