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Charity Events

Question asked by CarlMorris on Feb 17, 2011
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Charity Events & Volunteer Tracker


Hi all,

I have already created a Contacts table, and a separate Events table.

We have charity events throughout the year that are dependant on volunteers helping to make it happen.

Basically, I have fields in the Events table such as Event_Name, Event_Date, Event_Time_Start, Volunteers_Required etc etc..

What I want to do, is if a venue (whose details are in the Contacts) has agreed to let us have an event, we would like to link the event to that contact - if it was just one event per contact, it wouldn't be a problem, but because one contact can have more than one event, this is causing me a problem and I don't know the best way to go about it as I need to keep records on each event individually (i.e. the two events could have a different set of volunteers, times etc).

I am sorry my description is not as good as it can be - I know what I mean and what I need, but to explain in words is difficult.. (I am deaf so my vocabulary range is not as great as most people's and I have difficulty explaining sometimes..)

Would it help if I put our file online so you can have a look as then you would see what I mean..?

Any questions - please do ask..

Thanks in advance,