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    Chart adjustments



      Chart adjustments


      I've prepped a chart which is ugly to look at and I need it to be amazing or it's back to Excel.

      If you look at the image, I really need:

      The first date point for 31/03/2011 to be moved to the right, rather than expand over the Y axis.

      I'd like to remove the Y axis values on the right hand side, I only want those on the left

      I'd like to make the series line thicker (not visible here but I'd imagine anybody who uses FM for charting would know what I mean).

      I can't see any way to do any of this from the chart set up routines, unless I'm missing something.




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          You are not missing anything. You'll need to consider other charting options if the lack of those features are "deal breakers" for your project. There are plug ins and ways to use Java Script and a Web Viewer to chart data so the FileMaker Chart Object and going back to Excel aren't the only options available.