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Chart and Portal Issues (show all related records)

Question asked by KenanKadić on Aug 13, 2013
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Chart and Portal Issues (show all related records)


     Dear community,


     I hope I'm not posting a question that was already answered. I searched the forum and also did a Google search but I had no luck. I've been stuck with this problem for a couple of days now. Here is the scenario:


     I have created one layout with multiple tabs. The frist few tabs deal with user information - account management in general. The last tab deals with statistics and it has one pie chart and one portal.



     Configured as a pie chart to show the utilization of seats in the library. It pulls the information from a related table (related by UserID field) that keeps track of timestamps. In this table, if the "Exit Timestamp" field is empty, it means that the user is still in the library. Therefore, a flag "1" is written to the "IsInTheLibrary" field. If "Exit Timestamp" filed is not empty, it means that the user left the library so the flag is deleted from the field leaving it empty. This table has another field configured as a summary filed wich counts the "Total of IsInTheLibrary". With this setup, the summary field always shows the correct number of users currently present in the library. In the chart setup, I configured it with the calculation wich substracts the number of currrently active users from the total number of seats. All of this works nicely.



     However, it doesn't show the total number of users. Insted, it always shows only one user. It seems like the summary field does the calculation right but it takes into concideration only the current record hence always producing the same result of "1". In this scenario, the data source for the chart is configured with "Current Record (delimited data)". If I change it to "Current Found Set", the chart goes crazy and doesn't make any sense. Same goes for the "Related Data" data source.



     Fields from two related tables are added here. One table supplies the UserID and Name fields. The other table provides the timestamp fields. It is configured with filter "TimestampsTable::IsInTheLibrary = 1". I expected to see in this portal all the records that have the IsInTheLibrary flag set to "1".



     The same as with the chart. It lists only the current user record if it is flagged as "1" in the related table.



     Any suggestions on how to show all related records in the portal? How about the chart? It sounds like I'm missing some basic design steps here.


     Many thanks,