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Chart Based on Join Table

Question asked by sccardais on May 8, 2014


Chart Based on Join Table


     I would like to create a pie chart based on a Sub Summary table that includes a calculation field. The screenshot shows a portion of a Sub Summary Report that shows the data in tabular format. I would like to display this same information in a pie chart.

     The information is based on a database of Customer Surveys. As surveys are received, they are coded with Issues in an Join table. (IssuesAssigned)

     The Count column is from the Join table. The % of Surveys is the Count divided by the number of Surveys (related table) that have at least one Issue assigned. This is stored in a global variable ($$SurveysWithIssues)

     Charting this information has been a challenge because the percentage isn't based on the total number of Issues (currently 637) but the total number of Surveys with at least one issue (currently 398). For example, Complex with a count of 116 would normally be considered 18.2% of the total (116/637) but I want it to show 29.15% (116/398 surveys with at least one Issue assigned).

     I'm assuming this is possible simply because I'm able to display the info in tabular form but so far, haven't been able to do it.

     I would like the pie chart to show the relative sizes and the %'s shown in the column labeled "% of Surveys." Any help in charting this would be appreciated.